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  ALL WARDS: Gamma3 beds
  Art. 346780H - Bed, electric, 4 sections, abs mattress platform, height adjustment with compass movement, translating backrest, electrically adjustable trend / reverse trend, integrated bed lengthener, battery included.

4-section electric bed, 3 of which jointed and 1 fixed centrally. Mattress platform made of ABS. Base frame of welded and epoxy-coated steel pipes, with wheels provided with thermoformed ABS covers. Frame provided with insertion points for patient lifting pole and I.V. poles at the 4 corners. Height adjustment with a maximum lifting load of 260 kg. Operator control handset (SUPERVISOR) with dedicated software for the exclusive use of specialized personnel by which the functions of the secondary push-button handset for the patient can be inhibited. The secondary push-button handset can be integrated in the safety sides. Push-button handsets with on/off indicator led and sound warning for inhibited functions. Backrest with 11 cm automatic translation during adjustment. Emergency CPR control. Manually adjustable footrest. Removable bed ends in plastic material with colour inserts. Sound alarm warning when the bed is connected to the power grid and the wheels are not blocked. Integrated pull-out bed lengthener, adjustable in two positions by handle. Epoxy powders coating finish, with antibacterial additive.

In compliance with technical norm EN 60601-2-52.

Technical data:

Mattress platform dimensions: cm 200x87 for a mattress compatible with the type of safety-side selected (In compliance with technical norm EN 60601-2-52).

Mattress platform dimensions with maximum vv extension: cm 200+33x87

Overall dimensions without side rails cm 218x93

Overall dimensions with side rails on cm 218x99 (max)

Mattress platform height min cm 40 max cm 80

Backrest section 0°- 70°

Knee section 0°- 35°

Leg section from –16° to + 11° (as against the horizontal)

Trendelenburg/Reverse-trend. +17°/- 17°

Weight of the bed (without accessories) 100 kg

Safe working load 260 kg

Protection IPX4

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Line voltage: 230 V; Acceptable line fluctuation: 50/60 HZ transformed into 24 V;

SCHÜKO plug; Maximum absorbed power: 370 VA; Isolation class: I - TYPE: B; The bed is equipped with equipotential connector


 technical specification (pdf)
 commercial leaflet (pdf)

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